Start Becoming The Most
Committed Man You've Ever Been

Being a man has never been easy.

Being a committed man, over 40 - especially in the world we live in today - can seem almost impossible.

It's so easy to load up our lives with too many obligations and mountains of financial stress...

...leading us down a path of trying to eat it all away or drown it down with alcohol.

The great news is, there's comes a moment when we take a stand and realize what matters to us the most.

We vow to prioritize our health, our relationships, and our finances.

We even go so far in our thinking to understand: it won't ever be easy but I'm ready for whatever.

When this moment hits us, the problem is, we don't have a community of other men ready to take committed action with us.

That's where The Committed Man comes in.

The 4 Power Pillars of The Committed Man

Seems it's become normal for men to walk around distracted, anxious, and flimsy effort.  A man who is solid on his commitment is a man that stands out without even trying.  At TCM, the mission is to normalize a man following through on his commitments, so he can operate as the greatest version of himself.

That means we must redefine ourselves and refocus our energy toward:

  • Power Pillar #1:  Strong Self - You come first.  Before you can be powerful for anyone else, you must manufacture your own power.  The strong self pillar digs deep into what we call Forever Fitness, Nourishing Nutrition, and Mindset Mastery.
  • Power Pillar #2:  Real Relationships - You have people around you.  Some are good for you.  Others aren't.  It's important to recognize which is which by showing up strong in your Intimate Relationship, Family Relationships, and Friend Relationships.
  • Power Pillar #3:  Worthwhile Work - A lot of time, in your short life, will be spent on work.  Put the power back in your hands and make damn sure you're doing work you love.  You get there by understanding your Current Work, your Dream Work, and the Bridge Work required to get from the current to the dream.
  • Power Pillar #4:  Amazing Adventure - Let's have some fun and experience all the things that we desire in life.  Don't play small.  There's a lot you want to do in when it comes to adventure.  Let's dial in on Hobbies, Local Adventure, and Travel Adventure.

Helping men become the most committed versions of themselves is why The Committed Man exists.  We send one private email, every week, that will keep you focused on what matters the most in your life.  Reread the 4 Power Pillars above.

Trust Yourself.  Control Your Chaos.  Win At Life.

As men we want to be trusted by others, respected by those closet to us, and in control of the chaos of our lives.

And it's our birthright to experience all of that.  What we must do is take our personal power back and recognize our current patterns of behavior that are allowing weakness in our lives.  

There's a ton of information out there about being a powerful man, showing up strong in your relationships, doing work that matters to you, and making sure you're having fun in life.

You don't have to go out there looking for it all and get further overwhelmed by the mountain of information put out on the internet everyday.  A committed man doesn't have time for that because we're busy being focused on what matters.

Instead, you can read one powerful email every week that will provide you with the rules, rituals, and routines of The Committed Man.  You receive actionable frameworks that you can make your own and implement in your life immediately.

Welcome to the rise of The Committed Man!

Donovan Owens <-- (link to Donovan Owens page)
Founder:  The Committed Man

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