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Financial success isn’t enough for a man to be fulfilled in his life.

Any man who makes great money, while feeling stuck in the rest of his life, will tell you… the money becomes that bandaid that's used to cover his lifestyle dysfunction.

I lived this for many years...

...until one night, in 2013, this dangerously mediocre existence almost got the best of me and I considered taking my own life - just to end the internal struggle.

There's A Better Way

I knew that if I was going to break free of all the dead-end systems that society already had set up for me, I was going to have to develop my own lifestyle operating system.

A system that allowed me to experience un-fractured focus and do ONLY what was important in my life, and eliminate the rest:
  • Build my STRONG SELF, so I could have my health, the body I want, and master my mind.
  • Show up powerfully in REAL RELATIONSHIPS, so I could have a strong intimate relationship, family relationships, and friend relationships.
  • Engage in WORTHWHILE WORK, so I could transition from my current work to my dream work through doing the bridge work.
  • Experience AMAZING ADVENTURES, so I could fulfill one of the most essential parts of being a man - exploring all of my healthy curiosities in this world.
These days, my entire life thrives inside these 4 Power Pillars of The Committed Man.

Yours can too... your way.

Allow me to be a guide by your side.

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