The MENtal Shift

A proven 2-month coaching program, for men, helping you build a better body, master your mind, make more money, and show up powerfully in your relationships.

EARN THE RIGHT to become more 
loved, trusted, and respected.

Next cohort starts June 4, 2023.
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The #1 Threat to Your Manhood is Distraction

Without installing a proven lifestyle operating system into your life, it will crumble under the compounding weight of distraction from this modern world.

Even when you're making 6 or 7 figures, if you're simply waking up and going through the motions every day:

Your mind & body will become tired and soft, making you feel like you've lost that spark for life.

Your connections & relationships suffer, causing you to feel isolated in your own little world.

Your ambition & adventure will begin to fade, giving you this feeling of an unfulfilled existence.

13 years ago, Donovan Owens sat on the edge of his bed and contemplated ending his own life. He had gone through a divorce, lost a high 6-figure income, and felt isolated.

Today, he’s built back up a substantial 6-figure income, has a thriving relationship, and fills his schedule with adventures that feed his inner savage.

The MENtal Shift will teach you everything Donovan learned so you can build unrecognizable excellence in your own life.

This isn’t some feel good self-help course full of fluffy strategies that don’t hold up against rigors of reality.

This is 8-weeks of deep-dive coaching, and action, designed to help you build unrecognizable excellence with a lifestyle success system that works.

Next cohort starts June 4, 2023

What to Expect In
The MENtal Shift

Create A Lifestyle Operating System to Upgrade Your Entire Life In 2 Months 

Get access to live weekly coaching calls where Donovan Owens guides you in creating your personalized operating system in 2 months. Increased confidence, self-trust, and respect demand this process.

Integrate Your New Lifestyle System to Achieve Unrecognizable Excellence 

Weekly action items begin integrating your new lifestyle operating system to build massive momentum.  Build a better body, show up powerfully in your relationships, and start mastering your mind.

Daily Support & Accountability Directly from Donovan Owens 

The weekly coaching calls and action items are a powerful combination. Daily support from Donovan is like adding jet fuel. Accountability turns you into a man of intentional action so you can live as your best self.

Thriving Private Community of Other Committed Men 

Enjoy a distraction-free community that's not linked to any social media sites... just committed men doing the work. Become a more grounded and powerful man when you connect with others on the journey.

What Happens Inside The MENtal Shift

Every week, for 8 weeks, we'll have a group coaching call that focuses on a key area of your life and the actions items you need to execute to upgrade that area.

The key areas of your life that we'll be covering are:


  • Your fitness
  • Your nutrition
  • Your mindset


  • Your intimate relationship
  • Your family relationships
  • Your friend relationships


  • Your current work
  • Your dream work
  • Your bridge work


  • Your happy hobbies
  • Your local adventure
  • Your travel adventure

When you operate with excellence in each of these areas you make more money, increase your confidence, and become more loved, trusted, and respected.

You become a more grounded and powerful man.

By the time you finish this 8-weeks, you'll have a proven and personalized lifestyle operating system integrated into your life.  

People around you will begin to feel and enjoy the upgraded man you are.

Imagine waking up every day and:

✅ Seeing your body become more fit

✅ Expanding & mastering your mind

✅ Showing up powerfully in your relationships

✅ Being more trusted & respected

✅ Experiencing self-control & certainty

✅ Creating opportunities for more money & freedom

✅ Operating as the greatest version of YOU

✅ Having an amazing relationship with yourself

If you've been looking for a breakthrough in your every day existence as a man...

...and are ready to begin living full out, making more money, having better relationships, having a better body, and enjoying more adventure, you've found it.

The MENtal Shift is your masterplan to stop merely existing and begin living with unrecognizable excellence.

Invest 2 months of focus, to build the rest of your amazing life.

That's the way of The Committed Man... Rise Above & DOtheDamnWORK!