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A Mini-Essay on Perfection


We live in a perfect world.

Often, people can be overheard saying things like:

“It’s not about trying to be perfect.”

“There’s no such thing as being perfect.”


“I’m a perfectionist.”

Perfection is happening all around us at any given moment.

A traumatic situation happens. Perfect.

A moment of bliss happens. Perfect.

Every moment can only happen because the perfect timing and circumstances are at play.

Your heart just beat again. There are many things that had to happen perfectly for that to occur.

Your heart just stopped beating. Again, many things had to happed for that to occur the way it did.

Perfection is not a suggestion that you will like what’s being presented to you.

It’s a perspective that “what is” can only be because timing and circumstance aligned at the exact moment it did.

We live in a perfect world.

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