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A Mini-Essay on GOD

The bible and a cup of coffee

What is GOD? Who is GOD? How is GOD?

I can only speak from my point of view and life experience.

When I was young GOD was presented to me as the Father of Jesus.

As I grew older it became clear to me that what’s written in the bible is a great story.

There’s characters in the story that bring it to life.

The main purpose of the story is to share principles for strong ethical and moral living. For treating people with love, including ones self. For having strong work ethic. For caring for your body. For having a sound mind.

It wasn’t about engaging in dogmatic religion and demonizing those who don’t perceive the world the way you do.

Early on in my childhood, I felt detached from the environment that church created.

Church taught me that I was born a sinner.

Church taught me to judge those who didn’t live like me, unless, of course, I could get them to come to church and start paying those weekly tithes.

Church taught me that 10% of my money belonged to them.

Church taught me that there’s a whole system of corporate churching going on.

So, I set out to do life my way.

Through it all, I’ve discovered who/what/how GOD is for me.

GOD is not a man or woman.

GOD is a spiritual system of energy, mastery messages, and downloadable intelligence available for us all to receive, should we choose.

GoD = Guidance of Divine

GoD = Gift of Divinity

GOD is the master guidance system for those of us who chose to live as the highest version of ourselves.

The guidance is unconditional in its love and perfect in its timing.

The guidance feels most welcomed in moments of sacred silence and an empty stomach (fasting).

GOD is in me therefore I strive to only live out GOD-like traits, behaviors, routines, decisions, and habits.

GOD is in me, so I know WHO I am… and WHO I am is not linked with what I have. I know this because you can take everything I have and I’ll still be here being WHO I am.

The small voice inside me is my direct connection to the divine. I choose to listen and walk by faith at all times.

Not because the church told me to.

Because I have lived experience that has shown me the difference between a life of a man that loses his true identity versus the life of man that identifies wholly with himself… living in Intentional Integrity.

I thank my parents and the church for introducing me to the story in the bible.

It was my gateway into discovering that I WAS NOT born a sinner. Quite the opposite.

I was born with GOD in me.

I can get down with that.

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