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Men Need Accountability

Men need accountability

Look around you.

Men are floundering at life and struggling to achieve the big things they vision for themselves.

A large reason why is, men are not building healthy environments of accountability around themselves.

Let’s face the truth…

…a man without healthy accountability is a man that’s destined to lose his way.

Quick recap:

In last week’s newsletter I broke down my story of struggle and how I developed my own lifestyle operating system that consist of 4 Power Pillars.

Everything that is important to me fits within these 4 pillars:

  • POWER PILLAR #1 – Strong Self (forever fitness, nourishing nutrition, mindset mastery)
  • POWER PILLAR #2 – Real Relationships (intimate relationship, family relationships, friend relationships)
  • POWER PILLAR #3 – Worthwhile Work (current work, dream work, bridge work)
  • POWER PILLAR #4 – Amazing Adventure (happy hobbies, local adventure, travel adventure)

After talking with many other men, I realized that the same 4 pillars also captured everything that was important to them.


Even though, as a man, you have an idea about what’s most important you, it’s easy to get caught up in just existing every day.

Before you know it, you can look back over the years and get that pit feeling in your stomach realizing you’ve just been coasting.

The Committed Man’s way is to INTENTIONALLY LIVE his life, not merely exist.

That’s why it’s important to set up…


A man must apply his own healthy pressure to life. Not be at mercy of pressure being applied to him.

The 4 Power Pillar’s of The Committed Man are a tool to keep you laser-focused on exactly where to apply your pressure.

Now that you have the framework of the pillars, it’s time to set up ENVIRONMENTS OF ACCOUNTABILITY around each one.

How do you set up these environments?

Here are several different methods to choose from…

  1. Tell a close friend what you’re going to do, and by when
  2. Spend money on the thing (adventure, vacation, date night, Coach, course, etc.)
  3. Put it on the calendar and commit to it
  4. Make a public announcement (if this works for your personality)
  5. Tell your spouse what you plans are (and then make damn sure you follow through)
  6. Post notes to yourself in places that you spend time (bathroom mirror, car, etc.)

I’m sure you can think of plenty other ways to hold yourself accountable to start approaching each of the pillars as the greatest version of yourself.

Accountability ALWAYS starts with you. Take ownership of what needs to be done and understand this…

…there will be resistance as you move forward.

Go to W.A.R. every day (Win Against Resistance)

You know the NEXT step. Focus on it.

It’s time to take meaningful action in each one of your pillars.

Once you take that first step, the next step will reveal itself.

Now will always be the time…

…and time is undefeated.

Peace, truth, and love!

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