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Tuesday: 03-26-2024

I’ve been daily documenting (journaling) for over 20 years. I’ve decided to start posting them here everyday, from the previous day. This is how my brain works. My journals could offend you, inspire you, or just make you laugh. Let's find out.

263 days. Create it.

Create it. Create it. Create it. Create it. Create it.

Ain’t nobody coming to save you.

Answer the call of your life.

Take a valuable action toward your future right now (this is my self-talk due to my mind feeling slightly cloudy today and having small head pressure behind my right ear). Just take a step. Focus.

In this moment I’m struggling with my big vision for my life. Not that I don’t see the vision clearly. More so that I feel a slight bit of overwhelm about it right now. I’m having thoughts about my progress not being quick enough. Even questioning if I can really make it happen.

The dominating spirit and mentality of what I’m doing is, “Fuck yeah, you’re doing this thing. Keep going, one step at a time.” Then there’s the small portion of, “Can you really pull this off?” that creeps in every now and then. It’s not crippling, I’m just being aware of it and how it feels in the moment.

I like this because it keeps me honest about my intentions and effort. It shows that I still live in my world of EARN THE RIGHT: Nothing is given. DOtheDamnWORK!

Go get your miles in. Don’t allow the procrastination demon to have it’s way today. Instead, go use the opposite virtue which is, take valuable action. Go get the miles.

Turns out, I didn’t get the miles. It’s time for some change. A loving kick in the ass that excites me. Create it.

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