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Monday: 07-01-2024

Fingerprints representing identity
I’ve been daily documenting (journaling) for over 20 years. I’ve decided to start posting them here everyday, from the previous day. This is how my brain works. My journals could offend you, inspire you, or just make you laugh. Let's find out.

Been thinking a lot about IDENTITY.


  • your identity can no longer be associated with the previous attachment
  • nothing exist to link you to what you falsely identified with in the past
  • a systematic approach to regaining 100% of your personal power


  • the process of making your identity whole again through coming into complete integrity with WHO you are
  • identifying yourself with yourself (traits, behaviors, habits, routines, choices, curiosities, etc.)
  • an un-fractured focus on who you ARE versus what you have


  • Having a healthy ego, allows me to have a healthy sense of self and supports my healthy identity
  • Having an unhealthy ego, leads me into self-centeredness, arrogance, and a warped sense of reality

Momento Mori = we could leave the life at any moment.

Creating an Environment of Excellence

  • Daily Discipline + Align Action + Active Accountability = Masterful Momentum

What is GOD?

  • Guidance Of Divine
    • guidance of your highest self, received from the divine
    • source of Mastery Messages that come through to direct your Soul-Purpose
    • lives withIN

Traits, behaviors, skills, practices, actions, beliefs, decisions, perspectives

What are the relationships between all the frameworks, processes, and systems I’ve written? What is the impact of one component on another?

The big system. Create a visual.

Impact-Driven Money Makers

(add value and make an impact… the money follows)

  • The Committed Community ( The Committed )
  • Build Your Breakthrough Guidance Calls
  • The MENtal Shift
    • maybe it should be called: The Self-Guru System
  • Fitness Programs
    • I’ve lived in this world for so long
    • Serve the knowledge you have, in only the way you can

A Mini-Essay on Assumptions

  • making assumptions caters to your laziness
  • making assumptions feeds your perception of safety
  • making assumptions enables your unhealthy ego of knowing it all
  • they can feel like they give you power in the moment, but they show others around you the lack of personal power you actually have
  • you lose trust for yourself every time you assume anything because your highest self knows you took the lazy path to a false reality

Say you were robbed in the past. You were walking from you

Your assumption is providing you a perception of safety, while holding your highest identity hostage.

A Mini-Essay on GOD

What is GOD? Who is GOD? How is GOD?

I wrote about it right here: A Mini-Essay on GOD

Message of the masses

  • avoid them for the most part

Default to defensiveness

  • unfortunately, this seems to be the default

Don’t just silence the symptoms

  • heal the system

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