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Monday: 06-24-2024

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I’ve been daily documenting (journaling) for over 20 years. I’ve decided to start posting them here everyday, from the previous day. This is how my brain works. My journals could offend you, inspire you, or just make you laugh. Let's find out.

173 days. The future is NOW.

Woke up at 12:32a to use the restroom.

Laid back in bed and couldn’t fall asleep because Mastery Messages were coming through me.

I love when this happens.

Jumped out of bed at 1:30a to take action on the messages.

Working through a knee injury on my left knee. Starting feeling some tightness about a month before my Alaska adventure but I was already deep into training myself up to be conditioned for the trip. So, I did my best to keep it mobile and strong.

Plenty of heavy activity in Alaska fired it up. Now, I’m doing the work to recover it fully.

Feeling faith-filled and optimistic because I know the diligent work I’ll put in to make it so.

I’m grateful for this life I’m living and the wisdom I’ve gained along the way.

Had a beautiful weekend with the family:

  • Saw my Mom and Dad on Friday
  • Kiara, Krome, Janae, Issac, Arielle, Harlem, and Nylah on Saturday
  • Kiara, Krome, Janae, Issac, Arielle, Harlem, Nylah, Nana, and Robert on Sunday

Janae came into town on Saturday for her birthday weekend so we went to Anchor Bar for pizza and wings.

Then on Sunday, everyone came over to our place for brunch (biscuits, gravy, sausage, bacon, and eggs).

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  • slow down and move at the speed of wisdom – Samson

Got all the legal pages done on the website today.

Also, connected all the buttons for the Build Your Breakthrough coaching options.

Peaceful Productivity

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