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Fingerprints representing identity

Monday: 07-01-2024

Been thinking a lot about IDENTITY. De-Identify Your identity can no longer be associated with the previous attachment. Nothing exist to link you to what you falsely identified with in…
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Healthy pressure makes diamonds

Tuesday: 06-25-2024

172 Days. Healthy pressure is on! Woke up at 2:00a this morning. Feeling driven in my purpose. My Inner GOD is alive. Momentum makes decision feel more safe. If I’m…
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Staircase representing wisdom

Monday: 06-24-2024

173 days. The future is NOW. Woke up at 12:32a to use the restroom. Laid back in bed and couldn’t fall asleep because Mastery Messages were coming through me. I…
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Wednesday: 03-27-2024

262 days. It’s time for a change. Shake it up. Die empty. There’s so much coming to you in the form of your MASTERY MESSAGES. Pay attention and start living…
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Tuesday: 03-26-2024

263 days. Create it. Take a valuable action toward your future right now (this is my self-talk due to my mind feeling slightly cloudy today and having a small head…
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Monday: 03-25-2024

264 days. Be that man. Things, people, and places are perfect based on timing, perspective, and circumstance. The world is a system of perfection pregnant with many other systems of…
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Saturday: 03-23-2024

266 days. Blessed. Sitting on the balcony of a very large tree house in the hill country. Glamping at its finest. My Queen is sitting next to me enjoying the…
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Friday: 03-22-2024

267 days. Clarity is getting stronger. Today, I’m grateful for my Queen’s birthday. She’s 45 and just as sexy as ever. She’s a powerful woman beyond anything she could imagine…
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