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Aligned Action: A Man’s Path to Freedom

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Men are great at stuffing EVERYTHING down and pretending everything is okay, until it really isn’t.

A lot of what we stuff way down inside us is this:

We know there’s so much more we’re capable of…

… we visualize it…

… we can feel it…

… we know how much better our lives would be if we just did it…

… yet we continue to ignore that small voice on the inside that’s trying to guide us.

Turns out, this very act of ignoring your own voice, is the most damaging act you can commit against your own personal power.

It’s damaging because it spirals you out of alignment.

You say you want this, but you keep doing that.


  • You say you want to show up stronger in your intimate relationship, but you keep distracting yourself from spending deep quality time.
  • You say you want to be in great shape, but you keep bringing junk food into the house and going out to eat.
  • You say you want to get better sleep, but you keep bringing your phone to bed, working emails late into the night, and stimulating yourself with external vices.
  • You say you want to have more manly adventure in your life, but you keep letting days pass you by where you don’t schedule it, pay for it, and make it happen.

You see what I’m getting at here?

This isn’t judgement on you at all.

I had to go through a process to rebuild my entire life from the ground up after my divorce, well over 10 years ago.

I noticed I was way out of alignment. I kept saying I wanted “this” life, but everything I was doing kept giving me “that” life.

That’s when I broke myself and rebuilt myself with this power principle of The Committed Man.

That power principle is called: Aligned Action.

Aligned Action revolves around one powerful question: Does this action align with what I know I want for my life?

Seems simple; right?

It is, until you decide to approach that question with a no bs mentality.

That’s when it’s get’s uncomfortable.

And that’s when you begin to gain your power back. When you face the uncomfortable.

Your actions must align with what you keep saying you want…

… otherwise you’ll continue handing over your personal power.

What if you went ALL IN and aligned every action in your life with what you vision your life to be?

What would your like look like then?

Peace, truth, and love!

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